5 Popular Types of Modelling Jobs in Perth

Most Popular Types of Modelling Opportunities in Perth

Modelling is a great way to earn additional income on a flexible schedule, develop self esteem and connect with a growing network of Perth photographers and producers for future modelling job opportunities.  Although there are some Perth models who have made modelling a full time occupation, most Perth models are students, casual and full time employees who model part time.

It’s an exciting time to be involved in modelling now, with a wide variety of modelling jobs available in Perth today.  From fashion catwalk shows for special events to glamour photo shoots for international publications.  Here’s our guide to some of Perth’s hottest modelling jobs and how to find them.

Beauty Modelling in Perth

The cosmetics and beauty industry is an ever popular and evolving segment of the Perth modelling scene.  New cosmetics products, beauty services and retailers are being launched all the time.  These launch campaigns require models for promotional photo shoots, social media videos and live demonstrations.  Here are some Perth beauty related businesses which constantly require Perth models:

Hair Salons

Hair Salons always need Perth models for photo shoots for social media promotions, magazine and website advertising, entry into hair competitions.     In this video you can see local Perth models modelling for an IHS Hair Competition.

Makeup Colleges & Schools

Makeup Academy students require models for their final assessment photo shoots and creating fresh promotional images for their professional makeup portfolio.   Models can make enquiries at WA Academy (http://www.waacademy.com/)  or Perth College of Beauty Therapy (http://perthcollege.com.au/)

Modelling for Improved Career Prospects

Perth Models who have started modelling have found it has helped them in other career paths such as Acting, Marketing and Promotions, Sales, Makeup Artistry, Hair Styling, Beauty Therapy, Photography, Social Media management, Public relations, Fitness & Wellness.

Beauty Salons

Beauty and Eyebrow Threading salons require models for ongoing promotional campaigns.   Here is a behind the scenes video of Zubias Threading’s promotional model shoot, photographed by Kelvin Chong at Image Style Studio.

Stock Image Photography

Stock Image Photographers are always looking for new models to create commercial quality beauty images for sale worldwide.

With so many beneficial reasons to get started in modelling it’s no surprise that the Perth modelling industry is quite competitive, especially for well paid modelling jobs.
Thankfully there is an increasing number of modelling job opportunities in Perth now, thanks to changes in consumer demand, new social media platforms and Government policies for increased diversity in advertising.

Fashion Modelling in Perth

The Perth Fashion scene is melting pot of creativity where anything goes!  Perth models can join in and collaborate with experimental shoots to commercial productions executed with military precision.
Popular fashion modelling job opportunities for Perth models include:
  • Photo shoots for designer look books & seasonal catalogues
  • Commercial advertising photo shoots and promotional videos for Perth businesses.
  • Collaborating with TFP photographers looking to update their photography portfolios
  • Collaborating with photographers for submissions to various magazines and publications.

Check out this behind the scenes video for Flourish Magazine, one of Perth’s local publications, photographed by Kelvin Chong at Image Style Studio.

Glamour Modelling in Perth

In it’s most accepted definition, glamour photography is a genre of photography that focuses on beauty and charm. This is unlike fashion photography, which can often feel similar in posing and lighting.  Glamour photos generally tend to feature beauty, allure, sexiness, sensuality.
Modelling opportunities for Glamour photography in Perth include:
  • Photo Shoots for men’s publications.
  • Content Creation for various entertainment platforms.
  • Bikini and Lingerie shoots for calendars and music video clips
  • Modelling for students in a professional photography workshop.

Here’s an example of Perth models participating in a photography workshop run by Camera Club Australia, hosted at Image Style Studio.

Fitness Modelling in Perth

Fitness and active lifestyle modelling themes are very popular at the moment, especially on social media.  Models can be hired for photo shoots as well as become influencers themselves and leverage their following.  Here’s an example of a fitness shoot featuring Perth Model and Pro IFBB Competiton winner Nicole Tan, photography by Kelvin Chong at Image Style Studio.
Opportunities for Perth fitness models include:
  • promoting health & lifestyle products such as nutritional supplements, active wear, fitness equipment, exercise programmes.
  • Photo shoots for lifestyle stock photos to be used worldwide
  • Photo shoots for fitness publications, online exercise programmes.
  • Artistic Nude Modelling in Perth

    Artistic nudes have always been a popular modelling genre ever since cavemen could draw on walls.  In the absence of any clothing signifiers, artistic nude drawings or photos are timeless and is a popular genre amongst budding artists.
    Opportunities for Artistic Nude models in Perth include:
    • Modelling for artists, sculptors and photographers to create art for commercial sale.
    • Being a model in a life drawing class.   (This requires plenty of patience and the ability to sit or stand for long periods of time)
    • Modelling for students in a photography workshop.

    Modelling in Perth

    Hopefully this guide has given you some insights into popular Perth modelling jobs and opportunities available right now.   Remember, only accept modelling jobs that you’re 100% comfortable doing.  It’s always recommended you bring along a chaperone with you during the first meeting (especially if you’re under 18).    Stay safe and enjoy the exciting adventure that the Perth modelling scene has to offer!

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