Your Modelling Portfolio - How to Stand out from the Crowd

Your Modelling Portfolio - How to Stand out from the Crowd

  • Have a clean well lit headshot as your feature thumbnail.  No dark shadows on your face, no distracting backgrounds.  You may have the most amazing model portfolio photos, however no one is going to see them if they aren’t attracted to click on your feature thumbnail first.
  • Ensure your model portfolio showcases your diversity.  Closeups, 3/4 Shot, Full length, with various expressions.  The more sides to your personality you can show the better.
  • Less is More!  Quality over Quantity.  It’s better to have 5 high impact images than to have 50 medicore ones.
  • Ensure your personality and passion for modelling is conveyed in your blurb / description of yourself.  However, keep it short and succinct.
  • Before you start browsing your mobile phone for your best selfies to upload, just consider the quality of mobile phone photos.  Will they serve you and present you in the best light?  Do your photos look professional?   Are your photos comparable to what we would expect in a commercial advertisement, fashion magazine or billboard?

    This is where we recommend models get a headstart by having a professional modelling portfolio organised.  If businesses invest good money on having their products photographed beautifully to be promoted online, shouldn’t you consider having yourself photographed professionally as well?  

    Professional Modelling Portfolio : Preparation Tips

    • Prepare and pack your wardrobe the night before ensure you’ve got all your wardrobe and accessories sorted.  Choose your wardrobe well, and relate it to the characters or roles your intend to play.  Keep distracting patterns to a minimum, the attention should be on you, not the clothes.
    • Hydrating with at least 2 glasses of water the night before when you sleep, and 2 glasses immediately when you wake up.  This will ensure your skin is fresh and toned, ensuring you glow in front of the camera.
    • Aim for 6hrs, 7.5hrs or 9hrs sleep, as this will synchronise with natural sleep cycles and help you wake up full of energy.
    • Have a light meal at least a couple of hours before your shoot.  This will ensure you’re comfortably full, while having steady energy levels to perform at your best.
    • Have your hair and makeup professionally done.  Not only is this one less thing to worry about, but the way makeup is applied for photography is very different to how you would wear makeup on a daily basis.  Makeup for photography is applied with more contrast, the eyeshadow and blush tones are stronger because the dynamic range of the camera is less than what the human eyes can see.  In simple terms, if you don’t apply makeup strong enough, your key features will lack definition in the camera.  

    Where to have your Model Portfolio Photographed?

    There is a wide variety of Perth photographers available on the internet and on various community forums with an equally wide range of budget costs, ranging from inexperienced beginners, amateur hobby photographers to semi professionals and professionals.
    On one hand choosing a cheaper photographer is tempting, however if your modelling portfolio doesn’t show you at your absolute best, you may not attract any work.   On the other hand, choosing an experienced photographer who helps you bring out your best may help you secure modelling jobs, enabling you to get a return on your initial investment and then continue to profit as your modelling portfolio works for you online 24/7.
    If you haven’t already found a suitable photographer we recommend Image Style Studio based in Cannington, one of Perth’s largest photographic production studios for fashion and commercial shoots.  Here are some reasons why to choose Image Style Studio:

    • Experienced shooting fashion models for magazines and advertisements, and of course model portfolios.
    • Creative Makeup and Hair team, ensuring you look your absolute best!
    • High End A Grade retouching, the same high quality retouching you see on billboards, magazines and covershots
    • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.  If you don’t believe you look your best, you don’t pay a cent.

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