Launching Your Modeling Career : Opportunities in Photographic Modelling, Fashion, Beauty and Social Influencing

Top 4 Reasons to start Modelling in Perth

Modelling for Additional Income

Extra money is always welcome right?  A lot of models get started because they want additional income to supplement their lifestyle.  Eg. Save for a holiday, pay off the car loan, save up for deposit on a house.

Modelling in Perth is a popular part time activity with students and full time wage earners because of it’s high rate of pay per hour and flexible schedule.  This means models can schedule their modelling jobs when they are not at work or school so it doesn’t interrupt their day.  The high rate of pay enables models to earn more in a couple of hours of modelling compared to a full day at work.  More reward for less time spent is always a good thing.

Modelling for Fun

Money isn’t everything.  The excitement of being part of a creative modelling assignment and seeing your contribution come to life can be very rewarding.   When followed by all the social media Likes on Facebook and Instagram, it can certainly become addictive.

Looking further down the track in 10 years or more, you’ll probably be glad you did something cool while you were younger.  Money will always come and go, however you only have your youth now, and it’s as good a time as ever to record and capture it.

Modelling for Improved Career Prospects

Perth Models who have started modelling have found it has helped them in other career paths such as Acting, Marketing and Promotions, Sales, Makeup Artistry, Hair Styling, Beauty Therapy, Photography, Social Media management, Public relations, Fitness & Wellness.

Modelling because my parents want me to

To excel in Modelling or any other creative endeavour it needs to come from the heart.  You need to be passionate about it, rather than just doing it because someone told you to.   However if a family or friend has suggested you give modelling a go, perhaps consider it and find out if it’s for you.

With so many beneficial reasons to get started in modelling it’s no surprise that the Perth modelling industry is quite competitive, especially for well paid modelling jobs.
Thankfully there is an increasing number of modelling job opportunities in Perth now, thanks to changes in consumer demand, new social media platforms and Government policies for increased diversity in advertising.

3 Steps to Modelling Success


Define Your Goals - Discover Your Unique Modelling Ambitions

Alright, so think of this step as the "Know Thyself" phase. Ask yourself what kind of modelling gets you excited! – runway, high fashion, fitness, or maybe something else? 

Getting clear on your direction will fastrack you to modelling success. 

What do you aim to achieve? Are there particular brands or publications you want to work with? Are you ready for the global spotlight or staying local? 


Strategic Guidance - Recommending an Optimal Path for Success

Connecting with experienced established businesses in the Perth modelling and creative industry can be a game-changer.

It's important that your natural abilities, variety of looks are aligned with your goals to ensure you have a realistic chance at securing modelling jobs. 


Craft Your Portfolio - Creating Engaging Promotional Model Content

Your model portfolio is your promotional brochure, filled with snapshots of your journey and showcases what you have to offer.

Partner up with a talented photographer to capture your versatility as a model. Show off different looks, vibes, and styles that highlight your strengths.

Quality beats quantity here – a few knockout shots make a bigger impact than an album of mediocrity.

Also, ensure you have a social media plan! It’s a stage where you get to showcase your personality, style, and professionalism.

Your modelling success boils down to understanding yourself, finding the right people for guidance, and having a killer portfolio that screams "I'm here, and I'm fabulous!" Master these three steps, and you're set to rock the runway in the world of fashion and modelling!

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